July Setup #bujo

Hello everyone, and welcome to my July Setup of my Bullet Journal. As I did in June, today I’ll show you how I designed this month’s layout.

For July, I chose a bit of a vintage style that reminded me of old children’s books: something very bucolic, drawn in fine lines, that was soothing to the eye. Because in the end, you guys, bullet journaling seems so overwhelming (with all of those AMAZING drawings on Instagram of really talented people) that I needed to step aside from those flowers and tropical trees that everybody is doing right now and to focus on something simple that gave me joy.

That’s why I chose to draw this simple tea party between miss Rabbit and signorina Bird. Even though it seems not very difficult , I took a very long while to make the shape of a bunny – to the point that I had to search  on YouTube for a video which could help me.

All of my pages for July have the same simple black and white layout that you see below. The decorations on the top of every page are a reference to the tea party depicted above, with all of the items and foods that were served by miss Rabbit 🐰.

Overall, my style of drawing is very simple and it is not very fancy, but I gotta admit that it gives me such a pleasure to make these sketches that I think I’m going to keep this style for a few more months.

I recently thought that it would be interesting to color these little images… however I’m so happy with the results that I don’t know if this might change the clean style… What do you think? Some pastels colors might be interesting , right?

So, what did you think? I feel like even if I have reduced the space to write my daily chores, I can still fill a lot of stuff there, without feeling overwhelming. It’s clean, cute and made me very happy drawing all of those pages!

I hope you have enjoyed my July’s setup!

Lots of love



June Favorites

As every blogger must do, I too am impelled to do a compilation of my June Favorites… Besides, this is one of my favorite kinds of posts to read! I decided to insert only 5 topics, but if you guys have any nice suggestions, let me know in the comments bellow!


For SURE the best series this month was Anne with an E on Netflix, an adaptation of the book Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery (which I’ve never read before, but now is definitely number 1 in my book list).

It tells the story of a brilliant young girl who happens to be an orphan. Due to a series of unfortunate events and traumas in her life, Anne feels very much disconnected from the society, particularly among the social group that surrounds her new family. But, with her particular characteristics and her great sense of justice (with a pintch of feminism), she captivates us all.

Anne with an E is a heart-warming series despite of the bitterness that our sweet and gentle protagonist has to endure. I very much reccomend you to watch it and I am sure that if you are looking for an inspiring show, you will not be disappointed!


Oh, youtube… how I adore you… Actually, the thing that I love the most about Youtube is that I get the chance to participate of this amazing community online and discover a lot of fun stuff for FREE.

In my subscriptions, I follow a bunch of nice vloggers such as Marie from Bitsandclips, my top youtuber this month!

Mother of three lovely kids – Scarlet, Luca and Sadie June -, Marie posts a new video every week telling all of the events that happened in that period. Her way of narrating  makes me laugh everytime. She has a lightness in her speech that is just what I’m looking for after a long day of work.



What has been in your Spotify playlist, you might ask me… Well, I am very selective with my music, but recently I’ve been listening in repeat the new song by Charlie Puth, Attention. The beat in this song is perfect for when I’m out walking or jogging, because, usually, I get very demotivated without a good music during my workouts.

Also, I gotta do a quick shout out to my all-time favorite Ed Sheeran and his new album “Divide”. My top 3 would be Galway Girl, Shape of You and Nancy Mulligan.



My favorite account on Instagram this month is Melisfit, an account about yoga and lifestyle. I gotta admit that I follow Melissa not only for the insightful instructions about the practice, but because she’s such a NICE person!

She also has a blog here on WordPress and I totally reccomend it for all the yoga tips but also for the positivity of her content.


Book of the month



The 5 Love Languages, by Dr. Gary Chapman.

This is an amazing book that I am SURE can help a lot of folks out there. The content of this book helps us understand how our partners, family and friends perceive/ receive and give love. In practical terms, we usually don’t have the same love language as everyone, so it’s useful to know them, as a whole, and then try to figure out how we can make the people that we love feel loved.

And the 5 love languages are:

– Words of Affirmation
– Quality Time
– Receiving Gifts
– Acts of Service
– Physical Touch (that can mean a lot of things guys)

Here’s a useful link to a test if you would like to discover which one is your primary love language, but also the language of the important people in your life. ♥

I hope it helps


That’s it for the month of June, everyone! It would be so nice to chat in the comment section about your favorites too, this way, we all get to discover cool things together!

Sending so much love your way,


June Setup #bujo

Hello, everyone! This week is time for my June Setup in my Bullet Journal! Yay!

In my first page, I decided to do a garland, such as in January, because here in Italy the flowers are still blooming. That inspired me to create something out of the blue and, in the end, it quite pleased me… what do you think? By the way, the choice of colors aren’t for any particular reason… I just like the combination between pink and purple guys…
Then, for each week, I reserved only one page, since this month was very quiet in the beginning for me. If that changes, I will probably expand the days to another page, such as I showed you before, in my introduction to bullet journals.

So, this is a way that I found to organize my agenda without using a lot of pages for every week, as I did in previous months. I thought it was nicer to do something more compact so that I could write more recipes that I’ve learnt and draw a little bit.

I also added a page for the latest recipe that I tried out – and it was actually pretty good. I was impressed. My boyfriend – a ridiculously amazing cook – made his compliments and ate immediately two brownie squares afterwards. And that’s how it has turned out!


Recipe by “Baker by Nature

This is another page of a recipe that I really want to try in the near future, so just for precaution I wrote it down and did a little funny sketch bellow.

Writing on my journal is something that I love to do and that relaxes me profoundly. I was always the kind of girl that sat quietly on the sofa and draw or wrote for hours long… now as an adult I continue to do it, but with the excuse that I am planning my week hahaha

Let’s cherish our inner child once in a while, guys…

I hope you have enjoyed this post! If you did, let me know in the comments bellow! It always so lovely to see that you guys are reading my little blog.

Sending you lots of love!



Library, my old friend

If you are one of those kids from the nineties, you probably have seen my favorite movie of all-times, Matilda, an adaptation of the book written by Roald Dahl. This is one of those things that have shaped my character and which has led me to love the same thing Matilda did: books.

If you don’t remember the movie, there is a particular scene in the beginning that shows Matilda going to the library all by herself and coming back home with a bunch of borrowed books in a little cart…


That, my friends, made such a huge impact in my life that I ended up finishing a master’s degree in theory and history of literature last year. However, the thing that I wanted to talk to you about is not actually the movie, but one thing that was essential to Matilda and her development: libraries.

Nowadays, I trully feel that people are forgetting about the joys of having a library or a subscription due to the constant development of our technologies. That is no problem at all, in reality it is also important to the libraries, which today count on the support of online platforms to help the search of new books and events nearby.

What bothers me is that people forget that libraries can be such a lovely place to go and relax… Folks, there’s nothing better than the smell of books surrounding you, at least for a book lover like me. Borrowing books is also a great deal to your pockets: it helps you to save money AND space in your shelves (atm I have no space whatsoever to shelter more books in my room, although I would love to acquire some more).

Going to the library also gives you the chance to discover some new titles to read while you browse through all of the shelves – actually, this is one of my favorite activities to do since college years… It was and continues to be a place that comforts my soul for its silence, smells and cosy armchairs.

Anyway, I guess this post is just a reminder for those of you who are reading this post to check out the nearest library in your town, if you are in need of some time off – it is a wonderful place, whatever the size of it or the amount of books in the records.


Lots of love,


Bullet Journaling

Have you ever heard anything about Bullet Journal? Well, I used to and let’s say that my laziness spared me the joy of discovering my new hobby for quite a long while…

If you have no idea what I am talking about, Bullet Journal is a new way of organizing in one place your agenda, calendar, post-it notes, sketches and much more. Differently from what I expected, the format is very simple, clean and also effective, since you don’t have to waste your time trying to figure out where you have left your notes about that good recipe your cousin gave you last week… #regrets

If you are an old-time lover of diaries and have kept along the years many small notebooks filled with memories of the past, you are going to LOVE this. After I saw the definition and the concept of it, I realized that I was doing Bullet Journals throughout my life!

Even though by no means I am an expert on that, I would like to share with you some of the pages on my bujo and how I usually do write on it, besides giving some ideas on what to include in your new jornal.

The first thing I did was my key and my yearly log, so that I could see every birthday and astrological transits at once #necessary

Then, for every month I do a personalized log: sometimes I decorate my pages with drawings related to the seasons or the holidays. Either way , I usually include a space for my favorite songs in this period, tv shows, movies that I watched and the books that I read. This way, I can look back in the future and just reminisce on my hobbies and such.

My layouts for the week are usually the same and don’t change much every month. I quite like to do it this way, because I am a frantic writer, so I leave a lot of space for making notes and drawings – since it is something that relaxes me…


I also leave a space for the recipes that I tried and worked, as well as gratitude letters (such a lovely thing to do – truly recommend).

That’s basically what I do on my bujo every month and I think that my productivity has increased a lot, and also my organization skills, since all of those piles of notebooks have suddenly disappeared.

If you guys liked this brief explanation/gallery, I encourage you to try it out! And, don’t forget to check out my future monthly updates on my own Bullet Journal.

If you would like to know more about my new hobby, check out my Pinterest pins in “Bullet Journal Goodness“, a place where I pin good ideas to insert in my journal, new templates of monthly logs, and so much more stuff!
Sending lots of love to you


Where to eat in Rome – Gelato

All of my friends and family know that I am a HUGE ice cream fan and being in Italy has just made things a bit more difficult for me. I now have to do a lot of cardio workouts to burn all of those calories… because, you know, I simply need a gelato once in a while.

Today I am here to talk about this incredible ice cream shop near San Giovanni’s Basilica in Rome: La Giudecca

In this place you will savour the BEST pistachio gelato in your life – and believe me, my friends, I have tasted a lot of ice cream in this lifetime!

Besides offering a quite large variety of flavors, they also have vegan options, which are as delicious as the milk ones in my opinion. When the nice lady that was serving the clients told me that the lemon flavor was water based, I couldn’t believe it! It was very smooth and dense!

So you basically have to do three choices: size, type (cup or cone) and flavor.

You can either choose a cup or a cone – this last one is my favorite, because they give you the option to fill it with dark or white chocolate… and it is divine!

In the end, La Giudecca is a very calm place, since it is not in the tourist area. So if you would like to enjoy yourself some quiet time, while having your ice cream, that’s the place!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little post (I sure did making it while having my gelato!). By the way, I chose the flavors almond pesto (pesto di mandorle), lemon (limone di sorrento) and pistachio (pistacchio di Sicilia).

Have an amazing weekend!

Lots of love


Welcome y’all!

This is a new blog where I would like to write only good things about my life, the things I trully love and some arts and crafts – I mean, who doesn’t love to get creative once in a while?

In a few words, June Peaches is a place where I would like to show gratitude for all of the small and sweet things in life, such as the incredible peach that I ate this morning! Gosh, that was good…

I trully hope that this blog makes you feel warm and cozy inside, spreading a radiant light of positivity to the world.

So grab a cup of coffee, or a tea (your choice), and make yourself at home.


Sending lots of love your way!